23 April 2011

Ekstrak Forum 3.0 terpilih

Sebelumnya, terima kasih kepada Hasbee yang membantu mengekstrak :)

Sharaad Kuttan

- The best artists are not propagandists
- The promise of citizenship is that we can shape institutions of state

Sharon Chin

- Subversion can be accomplished many ways
- The location of a performance can change the context of the performance
- Even in the 'safest' environment, art can be political .. to reflect society's inability to make decisions
- As artists, we have to be prepared for anything.. becoz this is like a war
- There is a difference between self-censorship and being strategic

Fared Ayam

- Art is not looking for answers. The greeks used art to celebrate women, wine and rice :)
- I believe that art should be in the public sphere, in the streets
- Aku nak bawa art jalanan ke art space yang sudah established
- Art in public spaces and established (commercial) art spaces need each other
- when our voices are muted by the govt, we have no choice but to resort to (street) art
- I feel street art is more 'real' since it is direct to the audience
- The limits of censorship are set by the society itself

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