08 March 2011

Invitation to screening of AKU SIAPA, documentary film on hijab issue by NORHAYATI KAPRAWI

Dear friends,

In response to numerous requests, Lensa Srikandi in collaboration with Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia, is holding another screening of the 50 minute documentary film 'AKU SIAPA' (with English subtitles) directed by Norhayati Kaprawi :

Monday 28 March 2011, 8.15pm at the HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara KL.

pls check out the trailer:

This docu film was premiered on 25 Feb 2011 and received encouraging responses, with many found it to be enlightening and some regard it as one of the important Malaysian documentaries to be watched.

The documentary explores :

WHY Muslim women in Malaysia wear the hijab? What are their challenges? When, why and how did the wearing of hijab became popular in Malaysia?

Through a series of candid interviews with Muslim women, young and old, urban and rural, director Norhayati Kaprawi uncovers why Muslim women wear the hijab, and why some take it off. The interviews also demonstrate what Muslim women understand about the hijab and the Qur'anic verses that compel them to cover up.

Just as importantly, AKU SIAPA interviews religious scholars, academics and politicians from both Malaysia and Indonesia about the phenomenon of the hijab and its development within Islam and in Malaysia.

AKU SIAPA is a necessary viewing for those who are curious about the hijab and those who want to better understand political Islam and its impact on women in contemporary Malaysia.

Due to limited space, please RSVP to lensasrikandi@ymail.com before 20 March 2011.

Thank you.

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